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    R6025 problem


      Hi when I open Photoshop cs6 I get the following error message  " R6205 Pure virtual function call " can anybody shed any light on this please?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          What 3rd party plug-ins do you have installed?


          Did you install them all via installers, said to be Photoshop CS6-compatible by their makers?


          Or did you copy them or link to them in another place on your drive by the Extra plug-ins folder configuration?


          If none of these things apply, trying resetting your preferences by pressing Control - Shift - Alt immediately after cold-starting Photoshop.  If you're quick enough to get the keys down it will prompt you to confirm removal of your current preferences, which will yield a reset to defaults.



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            marleydog64 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Noel ,tried a reset to default settings as suggested no luck .As for plug ins all the usual suspects Topaz ,Nik software, Onone all which have been on for quite a while with no problem. I have just put an alien skin plugin on, could that be the cause?.