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    Resize recorded window?

    zaqza Level 1

      I'm just starting out using v. 6, and am trying to do the following:

      On about 3/4 of the slide, I'd like my recorded simulation to play (I've recorded a simulation within Word demonstrating how to perform a task) and on the left side of the slide, I'd like to display a textbox of instructions for the user.

      Here's a simplified example of what I'd like it to look like:

      cap screenshot.jpg


      Is there a way in Captivate to resize the simulation window, similar to sizing objects in PowerPoint? From what I can tell, the simulation becomes an image that acts like a background on the slide. Somewhere I found commands in Captivate to change the layout (similar to PP) but this only placed objects on top of my simulation, not next to it.  Thanks!!