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    Repositioning still images in the Program Window- Keyboard shortcuts ala After Effects?

    ARosapepe Level 1

      I am currently adjusting hundreds of images to fit a new 2.40 mask that I am now using over a 1920X1080 sequence. Each image must be adjusted individually.


      When I highlight an image in the composition window of After Effects I can adjust the clip up and down via the arrow keys. This does not seem to work in Premiere (nor with modifiers as far as I can tell).


      I am new to Premiere so hopefully I'm just missing something simple. Any keyboard shortcut that will do this so I don't have to twirl down the motion menu for each image? If not, is there a modifier ala the 'shift' button in AE that will keep the image from moving left/right once I double click it in the program window and manually drag it up/down?