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    CS6 and MountainLion

    sd photos

      I can not open any images with CS6 and MAC Mountain lion- any ideas?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Which did you install first?


          A little detail about just what's going wrong would be nice.



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            sd photos Level 1

            Mountain Lion was installed for a week or so, CS5 works fine. I installed CS6 today  when I "file open" all the images

            in the folders are grayed out and I cannot select any images to open. It happens with both cr2 and jpeg.

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              Double check the menus at the bottom, since they can limit the files to certain types.

              But the OS drives the open dialog (and save), so most likely this is an OS problem.


              We have seen people get corrupt preferences and plist files when upgrading to 10.8, so you may want to try trashing the Photoshop prefs and com.adobe.photoshop.plist file in your ~/Library/Preferences folder.

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                sd photos Level 1

                I have been playing and I decided to compare setting in CS5 and CS6. I discovered that when I "File open"

                the "enable" box and the "format" box are empty. I changed "enable" to   "readable documents" and

                "format" to "photoshop" and now I can open the images. BUT these setting do not stay I have to re-enter

                them every time I want to process new images. I have looked at the preferences and I don't see an entry for these fields.

                Do you know where I might find a setting to make these permanent? I don't ever recall changing theses setting in CS5



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                  Someone else had a problem with that, and I think they found that it was related to the com.adobe.photoshop.plist file (an OS settings file related to Photoshop).

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                    sd photos Level 1

                    I searched my HD and was able to locate this file:


                       Macintosh HD


                               com.adobe.PhotshopElements.plist - is this correct?


                    If this is the correct file - what do I do next



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                      No, ~/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Photoshop.plist


                      And Photoshop wouldn't be using an Elements plist.

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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        Don't fall into the trap of thinking that the search can find everything on your hard drive, SD.  It avoids hidden folders.


                        Note that the tilde is the root of your user area, and that (with Lion and up) Library is hidden.  That the user's own Library should be hidden is debatable, as it causes a lot of confusion, but it is what it is per Apple's decision.



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                          Noel Carboni wrote:


                          ...the tilde is the root of your user area...


                          That can be most confusing to a Mac user, even if technically correct.


                          The TILDE (~) is indeed the conventional symbol for the HOME or username folder.  There is a user Library there, whereas there is another Library at the ROOT level of your boot volume:  /Library.


                          There is yet another Library, labeled the System Library, inside the System folder at the ROOT Level of the boot volume:  /System/Library.


                          Take care not to confuse any of the three Libraries: ROOT LEVEL Library, SYSTEM Library and User Library.


                          [[ admin edited to clean up path definitions ]]

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                            Noel Carboni Level 8

                            I think station_two was most concerned that I used the word "root" and "user" in the same sentence.  Probably with good reason.  Thanks for the note.  I was using my Windows dialect of Geek Speek.




                            Directories and URLs 

                            On Unix-like operating systems (including BSD, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X), tilde often indicates the current user's home directory: for example, if the current user's home directory is /home/bloggsj, then cd, cd ~, cd /home/bloggsj or cd $HOME are equivalent. This practice derives from the Lear-Siegler ADM-3A terminal in common use during the 1970s, which happened to have the tilde symbol and the word "Home" (for moving the cursor to the upper left) on the same key.[citation needed] When prepended to a particular username, the tilde indicates that user's home directory (e.g., ~janedoe for the home directory of user janedoe, such as /home/janedoe).[16]


                            I actually used ADM-3A terminals way back when, among others.  Sigh.




                            The real question is why the heck is the user library (~/Library) actually hidden by Lion and its descendents? What were they thinking? Geez, I hate the dumbing down of computer systems.


                            And yes, Conroy's got it right - the leading period means current directory. The root directory of the file system is just: /



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                              sd photos Level 1

                              Thanks to all who helped with this.


                              I called Adobe today and the problem was caused because I added some plugins from CS5

                              that are not compatible with CS6.  I removed all plugins from the "plugin folder" except the 'panels" folder

                              and now everything is working correctly. I'm sure one of those plugins caused the problem so I

                              will experiment with them one at a time. I have updated my NIK plugins for CS6 and reinstalled my

                              Topaz plugins without any updates and everything inculding the plugins is working.

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                                [[ admin removed off topic bits ]]



                                Noel Carboni wrote:


                                …The real question is why the heck is the user library (~/Library) actually hidden by Lion and its descendants?…


                                Out of sheer stupidity, incompetence and at the direction of the marketing folks at Apple who want maximum compatibility with their mobile devices and figure the users are dumb enough to be protected this way so they won't mess up any of their libraries.


                                Personally, I have bought my last Apple device ever.  The two last ones I acquired were a G5 Quad made in the summer of 2006, and a MacBook made in 2007 which I literally rescued from the trash.


                                The future of the desktop Mac as a serious computing platform is very much in doubt at this time.

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                                  This was another way we used to approach this in the old days (from a three-year old  post):


                                  Picture 12.png