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    Question about return dates


      Hi...I am using Adobe Digital Editions 1.8 (was using the "old" one VERY successfully, until an automatic update...UGH) ANyway...I have a MacBook Pro and a color Nook. Sooooo... I've downloaded 3 library books. Library account says that there is a 14 day lending period and are due back on 8/25. ADE says they are due back in ONE week. Had this happen to the book I was reading last week as well. After ONE week, the book was "unreadable" on my Nook, due to expiration. Sooooo am I the only one experiencing this? Why is it happening? Is there a way to fix this? Thank you

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          ADE is just displaying what is in the permissions in the license that comes from the Library's back end servers.  So while the Library website may say 14 days, they are only giving you seven.  (Since the nook is also enforcing the same permission - I'm pretty sure its the Library, and not the update to ADE that's causing the problem).

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            elissa57 Level 1

            hmmmm... thank you, but....according to my account at the library, the ebooks are not due back until 8/25 and the ADE is saying only 1 week. 


            It's not really an emergency....just curious. 

            thank you 

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              Did you ever find a solution to this?  My ADE just starting doing this, also.  For three months I've borrowed e-books for 2 weeks at a time with no problem.  Now all of a sudden, while my library account says the books are good for 2 weeks, my ADE is causing them to expire after just one week. 


              Would love to know if you got any helpful info!

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                sjpt Level 4

                1.8 was just a temporary version, and the offical new version is 2.0.  There seem to be quite a few bugs is 2.0.

                Is it actually causing the books to expire, or is it just showing the wrong information in the flash across the book title?

                It may be worth reverting to 1.7.2: I'm not sure how to stop it automatically updating again (mine hasn't tried to update on the PC).


                Version 1.7.2 is a little difficult to find,

                available on Adobe site for Windows and for Mac.

                http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-editions/kb/cant-install-digital-editio ns.html


                also for PC at http://www.tucows.com/preview/853736/Adobe-Digital-Edition-For-EBooks

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                  leslieerica08 Level 1

                  It is actually causing the book to expire.  When I download it, my library account shows that I have it for two weeks.  When I open it in ADE, the banner across the book says 1 week.  When I right-click on the book and hit "info" in ADE, it shows that it is good "on any device" until the date shown on my library account (aka, two weeks from when I download it).  However, it is still making it unreadable after only ONE week. 


                  Don't know if this makes a difference, but I have a MacBook.


                  Also, I used this exact system, on the same computer, with the same Nook, without incident for three months.  Every time ADE let me keep the book for two weeks.  It's just been in the last couple of weeks that this has started.  And it's not just the individual book--I've tried four different ebooks.

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                    elissa57 Level 1

                    Hi, I am not sure if this reply will actually get to the forum, but here goes.... I actually called some sort of support person.  It was back in August. I am not sure how, but it sort of just stopped happening.  I haven't used my Nook device in awhile for library books, so I am not sure if it's still working properly.  (because i've not needed to use the ADE). 


                    I am sorry i can't be more assistance, but it looks like there are others who have given both of us more information.