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    Is there a property I can read in a component JSP to determine whether I'm in inplace editing mode?

    Kevin Susco Adobe Employee

      I have a component that writes a <div> that messes up inplace editing, so I'd like to conditionalize and skip writing the <div> when the user is in inplace editing.


      What property should I check for?


      I see that there is an isActive() method on the InplaceEditingConfig class that looks useful. So, for example, assuming a valid InplaceEditingConfig:


      InplaceEditingConfig ipeConfig = null;

      // get ipeConfig

      if ((ipeConfig != null) && ipeConfig.isActive()) {

           // don't right out div


      else {

           // do write out div



      Does isActive() return true when the component has been configured for inplace edting? Or does it return true only when the user has clicked in that special way to go into inplace edting mode. That's what I'm looking for.