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    How does the image time stamp display /modification vary among Bridge, Photoshop, and PS Element Org

    Bill Junk Level 1

      I've noticed some discrepancies between times recorded in my image EXIF data as well as the time displayed with images in Bridge and Photoshop Elements Organizer.  For instance I may have a series of images shot within a few minutes of each other.  After having done some manipulation of a subset of the images and later on showing the sequence in both Bridge and PSE Organizer, I have noticed that the time associated with some of the images has changed.  Bridge and PSE Organizer may actually show times that differ by several hours.  It almost looks like the time is converted from the original camera time to UTC and then possibly back to the time zone where my computer is located.  The pattern is not completely consistent and may depend on what Adobe products have been used to adjust or catalog the images.  I'm looking for a good and complete description of how each product handles the image date and time stamp.  I suspect that there is some inconsistency in how this is done across the products.  I'm currently using Bridge / Photoshop CS6 Extended and Photoshop Elements Organizer 10.0 which were recently upgraded from CS 5 and 8.0 respectively.  I also use Adobe Camera Raw 7.1 to edit the Nikon raw files.  This problem appears to predate the upgrade of my products.