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    ADE not opening acsm files


      Ok, I download ~ 10 books a week from the library using Digital Editions (epub format).  Things have gone smooth until yesterday.  When I click the download link online, ADE opens, but nothing happens (the book does not open in ADE).  Here is what I have done so far:

      -Checked security settings to make sure ADE has full access

      -Checked files to be sure they were not blocked

      -Renamed restore file to restore.old

      -Uninstalled ADE and Reinstalled it

      -Tried from Internet Explorer and Firefox

      -Tried from two different library sites to be sure it wasn't a problem on their end

      -Tried to open files from download file on the computer, again-ADE opens, but does not open the book

      What else can I try??


      Thanks for the help!!