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    Best color correction method?

    nullsebasvideo Level 1

      I'm dealing with a particularly problematic indoor shoot of a wedding that as usual looked perfect on the camera's monitor, but not so great when viewed on the big screen.


      When I did color correction in Edius and Vegas some time ago, I would find an area as close as 50% gray as possible and click there with the eyedropper, then the same for whites and then blacks. The difference is that under those two programs, when I clicked on grays and whites, the area I had clicked on would turn completely gray or completely white, but in Premiere CS6 it makes a small change towards white, but not to the point where the area is white, in other words, not as if I would have done white balance on site (which in this case wasn't possible because of time and also it the sunlight was coming in through the windows, but clouds kept passing by and changing color temperature all the time).


      So I'm wondering if there is a good tutorial somewhere on the best way to do color correction. I don't mean just any video that some guy posts on YouTube, I mean a tutorial from a professional who really knows.

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          shooternz Level 6

          You will find Tutorials online ( did you search?) but there are some great books available and they are more comprehensive than any online Tutes.


          Check out Amazon for the Steve Hullfish / Fowler Books.


          A worthwile investment for ever.



          CC tip:


          Before any CC or Grade ....sort LEVELS first.  (Dont use the eyedropper method).


          Use a WFM and get Blacks set 1st ...then White (Highlights) ..them Gammas ( mid tones) last. 

          That is the set levels order and that is the start point for all CC / Grade.


          Do not do any color CC work until these are sorted.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            Start with the free ones:




            There are a few color correction tutorials by Andrew. My guess is that #54 and $55 are where you might want to start.


            This page has a nice list of starting points as well:



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              nullsebasvideo Level 1

              Thank you both, I'll make sure to check those out.

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                cfg_2451 Level 2

                I'm a fan of Alexis Van Hurkman's  Color Correction Handbook. Easy to read, lucid, and what he's saying really works.


                I also completely agree with Shooternz -- first thing you do is get your levels right. Waveform monitor first, then vector scope. Otherwise you'll go into iteration hell. I learned this the (very) hard way.

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can also check out Lynda.com Jeff Sengstack Color Correction and Enhancement.

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                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                    It sure is annoying that there just isn't any information available out there, isn't it?


                    I remember when it was a LOT harder to find things. Of course, I remember when I could read my email line by line as it downloaded at 300 baud from Compuserve too. But that's another issue.


                    When I started with Premiere in 2002, a few of use put together some little tutorials and used tiny little frame sizes to save bandwidth and storage space. Then I produced the Premiere Pro 1.5 tutorials for Lynda.com. God bless Lynda. That money has been coming in every month since late 2004. It isn't much any more, but it is still enough for a decent steak dinner most months. Of course, quite often I just give $25 of it back to her to take some classes for a month. Tim Kolb did some for Class-On-Demand and there were a few others.


                    Nowadays, tutorials are full screen, HD, and YouTube or Vimeo host them for free. What a tremendous difference. I still love lynda.com because the tutorials are really well done and worth every penny, and the audio is clean - no pops or clicks or echo, but many of the free tutorials out there are really high quality as well. Take the Creative Cow tutorials, for example.


                    Life is good. We shoot in HD, edit with a PC that is so much faster that we seldom have to wait for a render, and all of the information in the world is at our fingertips. What a great time to be alive!

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                      nullsebasvideo Level 1

                      Steven L. Gotz wrote:


                      It sure is annoying that there just isn't any information available out there, isn't it?


                      There sure is, but my goal for asking here was to find out which were the correct methods, rather than the tons of tutorial videos on YouTube from some guy that just learned a screen capture program and used Premiere for one day. The abundance of information on the internet means that a lot of it is wrong.

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                        needles27 Level 3

                        Let me add my $.02.  One of the most powerful (and easiest, in my opinion) ways of doing color correction in Premiere and After Effects is the Colorista 2 plugin.  Here are a few tutorials/demos by a very talented guy who is a professional colorist, not just an average Joe...  I'm just a satisfied customer...



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                          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                          Oh I understand. I was just referring to the information you had already been given in this discussion. I did not mean that you should look everywhere, just some of the places discussed here.


                          The advice so far has been great.  It just never used to be this easy.

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                            jdmack01 Level 1

                            cfg_2451 wrote: "I'm a fan of Alexis Van Hurkman's Color Correction Handbook  Easy to read, lucid, and what he's saying really works."


                            This book is available from my public library as an e-book.  Thanks for the recommendation!


                            J. D.