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    Issue with Preview Box



      I have just started using my Abode Premier Pro CS6, and I have a slight issue, that is probably just me not being used to the programme.

      Basically, I import a video, and drag it to the timeline, this video appears in two places, The preview box and a source box. However, the Preview box has zoomed in my video and I am unable to see half the footage, this may be my settings with the when I click on the Zoom Level in the preview box, it doesnt show the whole video, onnly the zoomed in part, more zoomed, or less zoomed than before but on the Source box, I can view the whole video.


      This is probably just an error on my behalf, but if someone could please enlighten me on what I need to do to view the whole video in the preview box, it would be much appreciated as it is making me struggle to create this video.



      (16 and has no idea!)