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    Export to Tape Canon XH A1

    Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

      I have got a project which needs to bedelivered on a tape and have been struggling to get my Canon XHA1 record this sequence. Original sequence is HDV 50i. I then nested this seqnce into a Pal Widescreen sequence with MRQ checked, scaled to frame size. Rendered the sequence and the yellow bars goes green. Connected my camera and switched it to DV 16:9. Selected export to tape and checked activate recording device, timecode set at 00:01:00:00.


      When I click record, I can hear and see the camera being activated, with a playback arrow, then suddenly the pause icon appear, then playback icon plays backwards like rewinding saying 1x then plays forwards again and thats it nothing happens thereafter. In Premiere it just says stop recording?


      Where am I losing the plot here?