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    Multi-Camera some tracks (starting at 17) disabled. With 45 video & 45 audio tracks, 17-29 disabled.

    Gordon James McDowell Level 1

      With 45 video & 45 audio tracks in a sequence, trying to use that sequence as a multi-camera source shows me angles 17-29 are disabled.


      It does not matter if these tracks have content in them. Or if they are "track output toggle".


      Is anyone working with a 33 track multi-camera project? Because that is where the trouble starts... track 17 is disabled when I right-click, multi-camera to try select it.


      Now I can use the visual interface to select these disabled tracks... you know the "Multi-Camera" split-screen view... but I don't really have 33 cameras, what I have is 33 (actually 40) audio tracks. I do not believe that split-screen chooser was made for selecting audio tracks.


      It appears PPro CS6 really only supports 32 audio tracks... those "disabled" audio tracks expand as more video/audio tracks are added, so I can't really get beyond 32.


      I do have more than 32 audio sources. I'll work-around this for now, but would certainly appreciate confirmation on this, and hopefully a fix.


      Thanks, -Gord


      CS 6.0.1 ~ CS6 | Windows 7 64-Bit | 32 GB RAM


      Clarification: Track 17 is NOT disabled in a 17 track project... I need to push it to 33 tracks for the problem to appear, and at that point it is not track 33 which becomes disabled it is track 17 which would have been fine if I'd only used 32 tracks.