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    Convert .avi DV type 1 to type 2 ...

    joneisele Level 1

      I did a search, nothing stuck out at me, but wagering this topic is buried somewhere; so point away if applicable.   Consumer level video understanding on my part here ...


      I have an older .avi file encoded using VideoStudio and the "dvsd" DVC/DV codec reported by Gspot.   For some reason it is type 1 although other files I encoded from way back when were type 2.  When I play the file in WMP you see the video and hear the audio in sync, but then there is a duplicate lagging slow motion sounding distorted audio track in the background - very weird.   VLC totally chokes on the file.   PP can play it fine without this issue, I can burn it to DVD without issues, etc.   


      So I thought maybe I just need to convert it to type 2 like the others produced similarly from around that time.  I did some Google work and found references to various tools saying that they can convert type 1 to type 2 without re-encoding.  I pulled down DVDate freeware and made the conversion.   Now it plays in WMP just fine without the weird extra lagging audio and looks similar.  VLC can play the file without hanging up, but the video looks lousy.


      Is this a known issue with whatever I did here way back when?   Is converting to type 2 the best way to fix this issue? If so, is it correct that DVDate or similar tools can convert the format without re-encoding and losing quality?  Is there a better way to accomplish this task, such as using PP or a better tool?



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Bill Hunt has said http://www.deskshare.com/media-converter.aspx Digital Media Converter works well for him for "most" things


          At least, I think that is the one he uses

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            josephs51576386 Level 3

            So are you saying that now you converted it to type 2 it only looks bad in VLC but appears okay in WMP? If so then try to turn on VLC's deinterlacing and see if that makes it look better. VLC has issues playing interlaced footage unless this is turned on. Although sometimes it still doesn't ever look 100 percent correct.

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              joneisele Level 1

              CN25: to be clear, the weird audio thing is gone in WMP, otherwise video looks the same / good.  Prior VLC had all sorts of crazy audio static and would sit there when I tried to forward.  It plays now but you can see little lines when there is motion.  I tried turning on deinterlacing under preferences and it didn't make any difference.  I'm not too concerned here.


              JSmith:  Ok, I will read up on that tool.


              The above said, is it correct that DVDate or other similar tools (VirtualDub?) can convert type 1 to 2 without re-encoding the audio/video without losing quality?   Is there a way to use PP to accomplish this task?  Or is there nothing wrong with type 1, WMP, etc. and I just need a different codec or something simpler than a conversion?

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                josephs51576386 Level 3

                The lines you are talking about is exactly the problem I was referring too. VLC has always done that with my lower field first footage DV-NTSC.avi files. Generally though when you right click "video>deinterlacing>on" it makes it look slightly better. However with my older SD content that is lower field first VLC was never able to completely play it correctly. People always had lines in their hands when they moved quickly. But when played in WMP or KMP the issue wasn't there.


                Also as far as type 1 goes if when you put in Premiere it plays and edits fine then truth be told I wouldn't touch it at all. WMP just isn't a very flexible media player.

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Premiere Pro can handle type 1 but you have to render the timeline.

                  If you want to convert to type 2

                  Drop the file in AME and export to dv-avi.

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                    SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

                    Use this tool to convert DV Type 1 to Type 2 - http://www.videohelp.com/tools/Canopus-DV-File-Converter


                    Jeff Pulera

                    Safe Harbor Computers

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                      joneisele Level 1

                      CN25: that is exactly what I see and correct I have a DV-NTSC .avi file.  No big issue here though.


                      Ann/Jeff: ok, will use Canopus tool and I see it notes that there is no loss of quality.

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                        Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Why use Canopus when you have already bought Adobe Media Encoder (AME) ???

                        DV codec is not lossless so yes there will be quality loss but probably unnoticeable.

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          The Canopus utility is efficient and very fast, better than AME and it is free. Additionally, there is only a rewrapping going on, no re-encoding so there is no quality loss at all.

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                            joneisele Level 1

                            Agreed, I have PP and AME so would prefer to stick with stuff I am learning.   That said, I've am suffering from quality loss phobia so don't mind having to learn the other tool.  I will pull down Canopus and unless I'm lost completely, will give it a whirl and report back here.

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                              SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

                              The Canopus tool is going to be fastest and simplest. Using AME will re-encode the video again, just run the converter and be done ;-)


                              I haven't used it in a few years, but couldn't be more basic to operate





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                                joneisele Level 1

                                I tried Canopus and upon starting to open the file I received a "The source file cannot be converted by this application.".   I also tried another .avi type 2 file that  was less than 2GB in size.   Guessing it is some incompatibility or codec issue.   If anyone has any suggestions here, let me know.


                                I found the Ulead type to type 2 converter.  Sure enough it mangled the audio towards the end as had been reported in a post.


                                DVDate appears to have done the trick.  I emailed the author to verify it just re-wraps.   If anyone has any experience with DVDate let me know.


                                By the way, is there a way to tell if a .avi file has been re-enoded from another by using Gspot or another utility?


                                Here are some notes from another post and a link to DVDate.  I don't think the last comment is correct re: DVDate an audio though.




                                Tools for converting DV type:
                                -"Enosoft AVI repair tool", a tool included with "Enosoft DV Processor" -->works at 100%
                                -Ulead DV Type 1 to DV Type 2 Converter --> if the files are big (>4 GB) audio gets corrupted with "shshshshsh" sound.
                                -Canopus_DV_File_Converter V1.0.2 --> if the files are big (>4 GB) aborts before ending.
                                -DVDATE V7.1 --> works OK but downsamples audio to 32000Hz. (Why??)

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                                  Sorry to resurrect this post but I need clarification if possible.


                                  Do you know if the Canopus-DV-File-Converter will work on a Windows 7, 64 bit machine?


                                  I have tons of video clips that I transfered from my old Windows 32bit machine that I captured with my DVStorm2 card.  The clips play just fine on my 64 bit machine with PP CS5.5 but they won't play in Windows Media Player or my new Proshow Producer 5 software.


                                  As a work around, from within Premiere, I exported the Canopus DV clip as a Microsoft DV AVI.  Is there quality degradation going on when I do that?


                                  That is why if the converter will work on my new 64 bit system I would like to go that route.


                                  Any help from you old DVStormers would be appreciated.


                                  Thank you,