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    CQ 5.5 running out of space in an instance


      In cq5.5 Author and publish instances are day by day growing larger , because of this am running out of space?Can you please suggest me a solution??

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          Are you currently in the process of doing 'content load'... Pages, dam

          assets, packages, running scripts to load content, etc?  One thing that

          will be helpful is to have a CQ Sys Admin on staff... Proper management and

          maintenance of CQ author and pub instances is a full-time job.


          In light of filling that role, you can easily and manually do system

          cleanup.  I would recommend doing the following at least once a week

          (probably on weekends when content authors are not using the system):


          - Delete any extraneous packages in the package manager (clean up your


          The next several steps can all be found by going to http://


          - Run the Tar Persistence Manager Optimization

            - Why: CRX writes in append only mode, TarPM Opt acts like a disk de-frag

          and cleans up\

                   old, unused tar files are identified and deleted

          - Data Store Garbage Collection (you should see a big improvement in disk

          usage with this alone)

            - Why: Cleans out unused assets that may have been deleted, but not

          removed from the Data Store

          - Tar Persistence Manager Index Merge

            - Why: The number of indexes can get quite large while system appends -

          merging reduces the

                   total number of necessary indexes and improves over-all system


            - Note: Not necessary to run after running TarPM Opt as TarPM Opt will

          run Index Merge before and


          - Check Repository

            - Traversal Check

            - Fix Inconsistencies

            - Data store consistency check

            - WHY: As parent child relationships are broken, the repository will

          accrue orphan and parent inconsistencies.


          In the felix console, in config tab:

          - Day CQ WCM Version Manager

            - Enable Purging

            - Set Max Version Age

            - Set Max Version Number

            - WHY: if you do not configure the version manager, CRX will continually

          grow as content is

                   activated, etc...

          - Configure Logging

            - Out of box, debugging is enabled - this impacts performance


          Hope this helps!



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            mahesh1222 Level 1

            Hi Todd,


            Thanks for you reply.


            The solutions you sent is really helpfull to me but few steps from your list i have already tried.On fo them are

            Data Store Garbage collection and TarPM Opt.


            After running those two i did nt get more space.I have some doubts running those two.


            Can you please let me know the exact steps running Datastore GC and TarPM opt in cq5.5?


            And do we have any permanent solution to this(growing repository larger)?

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              todd.haser Level 2

              Make sure you have installed all of the latest hotfixes, patches, etc...

              Also, as I stated earlier, make sure you remove any extra packages that you

              installed but no longer need.  Make sure you have set the versioning -

              otherwise the your system will continue to grow.  Outside of that, I don't

              see any reason for an ever expanding CRX... So, try to find the root

              cause.  You can always open a daycare ticket or if you have a sales rep you

              are working with see about getting an adobe PS person on site for a few

              days - or one of the various partners.


              I'm curious to see what others suggest on this thread too.  It's still

              early morning in US - so, I suspect there will be more people weighing in

              over the next few hours.



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                I'm seeing the same thing with our repository. In CQ5.3 our repo was about 100GB after about 2 years in production. After moving to 5.5, our repository has grown to almost 200GB in about 3 months. Garbage Collection doesn't seem to make a significant difference in datastore size. Also, deleting large packages doesn't seem to change the size of the repository. It seems like they are still stuck in the repoisotry somewhere. Can anyone confirm this?

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                  Sham HC Level 7

                  After deleting the large package & running data store GC should reclaim the space. It could be either gc not ran completely OR there might me some weak reference. File a daycare ticket.

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