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    How do I send an email to support? re: free trial didn't start but Adobe thinks it did

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      I just received an email from Adobe regarding  a free trial of FM 11 that I tried to download a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't complete and I got a message that the trial couldn't download because archive files were missing and I should download those too (it's a pity the downloader is not told how to do this).


      However Adobe obviously thought that not only did the download work, but I'd already launched my trial, as I got email confirmations and 'Welcome' and tutorial suggestions.


      I didn't do anything about this at the time, but I just received an email from Adobe saying my trial was half over.  I replied to the email, but afterwards I noticed that it was a no-reply.


      Who can I contact to clear this up, please?  I would like to start my trial fresh, after my first launch of the download I successfully performed yesterday.

      I wanted to chat with someone but I didn't see a button and the instructions about solving this were inadequate.  I know there is a place for sending requests like this but I used it quite a while ago and I'm not sure how to navigate there. 



      Thank you for your help,




      PS Allow me to ask this question also, while I'm writing:  I'm a newbie to Framemaker10 (I'm using it at work but I don't have it on my home computer, hence the download).  I've asked the community a few questions. Two have been answered, but two are not receiving any replies at all, even though I notice that several users have read my questions.

      Is there any way to be certain that questions will be answered, or does such assurance only come with a purchase of support?  My FM license was purchased only a little more than a month ago, so would such service still be active?

      Also, does a purchase of a FM license allow for use on both a desktop and a laptop, like the Creative Suite apps?


      Thanks again!