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    CS6 Pen tool and Path confusion

    morse_tom Level 1

      Hi again all,


      This is driving me nuts! Has anyone else noticed this with the pen tool?


      If I have 2 anchor points with a curve, I always used to be able to grab the path (rubber band) between the 2 points and drag, to alter the shape and size of the curve, while keeping the angle of the axis points the same.

      This was great and I developed a style which I find very quick and very accurate using this method.


      However now in CS6, when I grab the path and drag, it changes the angle of the axis points completely altering the shape of my path. Also when I grab the path, sometimes the point will also start to move! like its not actually anchored.. I used to be able "roll" the path around a curve.. now it drags it away.


      Illustrator CS6 works as I want it to... Try it for yourselves. Create a Square using the Pen, then add a point in the middle of 2 of the edges and delete the original point in between (you'll need to create the axis points yourself in illustrator). Now you should have 4 points and a curve.. Drag the Path and see the difference between illustrator and PS..


      Can I stop this behavior? its causing me so much grief!.. I know there'll be loads of people saying just click and drag to create the curve but after 10 years doing it this way, that's gonna be kinda hard to do!


      Cheers in advance