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    account access



      I don't work with FormCentral jet. How can I manage, that a person who received a pdf earlier can get back to his/her own pdf and download the form again? Only copy the url on website or is there a possibility to create accounts?



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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          For PDF forms they would never need to go back to the pdf form again. They would save it to their desktop, fill it out, save it, fill it out more then hit submit to send the data back to the FormsCentral service.


          Web forms, on the other hand, do not support "saving" and coming back later to finish. PDF forms is the only solution for that right now.



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            WMBBGM Level 1

            Hello Mr. Swineford,


            I see....


            Which adobe product would you suggest to provide customers easy access to their invoices, stored and as pdfs. 


            Thank you