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    Video Component in 5.5


      Hi -


      I am trying to use the OOTB Video component in 5.5. I have installed ffmpeg. I am overriding the arguments to it by using the custom arguments only in the etc/dam/video/hq.html. This is what I have in custom arguments --b:v 64k -threads 2


      When I upload a test video to hq.html and run the transcoding, i get no errors. When I add that video to DAM, it also transcodes properly (atleast it throws no errors) and I see ogg,flv and the thumbnail created. However, when I drag that video into a video component on a page, it drops ok, but does not play at all. Is there a problem with the transcoding (even though I get no errors)? The documentation does not specigy which version of ffmpeg to install, so i have installed the latest. I have also tested with mp4 and a .mov file and get the same result. Is there something wrong with the codecs I am using? What codecs should I be using? Thank you for your time.

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          aklimets Adobe Employee

          I noticed that you did not mention the h.264 (m4v or mp4) rendition (from the High Quality H.264 profile) being generated. Might be an issue with ffmpeg for just this encoding - but you should see that in the error log. You'll need this profile rendition for Safari and Chrome (and for the hq Flash fallback for older browsers).


          Otherwise: did you define the profiles to be used for the video component in the design dialog of the video component? The ootb geometrixx design uses "High quality h.264" and "Firefox HQ ogg".

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            SavaniTatake Level 1

            Hi aklimets-

            Thanks so much! I defined the profiles and that worked! Thanks a lot