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    Having a bug only with Internet Explorer 7

    cyber fyb
      I am trying to create a special datagrid to store new member of a project (the interface is to create new project). I am able to open a cfwindow if the user want to add a new member into the datagrid. The cfwindow will consist of a form of 3 cfselects (member's type, member's name, and member's role). Once the user submit the form, it save the new member into a special table as a temp table (this is the way I found to play with many generation of information while having all into one single page instead of having several steps to create a new project).

      Anyway, when the user click on the submit button from the cfwindow, the application will save the new member, refresh the datagrid from the parent window and close the cfwindow. It makes me very nervous as I was not able to accomplish with success that part until I decided to try with Firefox and see what the Firebug feature will say about any problem. Instead of seing a problem, I saw a success!!! I started again in IE7 and the problem persists. The problem is when the form is submitted, the cfwindow comes to be the master window and it is not anymore a cfwindow, while Firefox can process the submit, the refresh of the datagrid on the master/parent window and close the cfwindow properly.

      Anybody have a clue to correct this of we live with this? I am not confortable with this bug and to be honest, I would prefer the inverse as we are Microsoft Partner and the business want to use - as much as possible - Microsoft product including Internet Explorer. This is not my decision as I love Firefox but this is something I have to deal with!

      I include the code from the CFWindow only as the master window contains a large amount of code that it is out of this scope since there is not associated problem at the moment.

      Thank you for any help.
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          TiGGi Level 1

          I've tried to work with cfwindow before and I was getting lots of errors with IE, and then I found a perfect solution CF_WINDOW custom tag. I tell you it's awesome and on top of it its free! Also look into <cfpod/> tag, you might find some solutions in there!
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            cyber fyb Level 1
            First of all, thank you for this information (I am more confident about this now that I understand that I am not alone to deal with those problems).

            I am trying to find the source of this custom tag from the web but in the meantime, could you post the link here?

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              cyber fyb Level 1
              It is finally not a "so-good" solution for me at this moment as I am rushing about time and this solution is screwing the normal library of ColdFusion 8. It is better, I admit but will require a lot of work in order to replace what I am already use from CF8 (right now, the page has CFFORM, CFLAYOUT, CFWINDOW, CFGRID, and many Ajax functionalities). I do not know how many deep I will have to work if I decided to use this solution but right now, the system is not supporting TAB from CFLAYOUT and CF_WINDOW together.

              I actually hope to have some time soon to take all the library (or at least all the basic elements I am often use in my web applications) of EXT2 and apply them as a central library for all my projects. But I was looking for a fast turn-around for the glitch I encountered. I have now to demolish what I've developing since 2 days and start a new way to do it (which is longer and not so kool as it was to have all steps joined together on a single page).

              Thank you very much by the way!
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                cyber fyb Level 1
                I finally change my interface completely! I decided to go with step-by-step philosophy as I had to much problem to play with a single page to accommodate all the information and forms. The step-by-step method I decided to use is involving a CFLAYOUT which is change from simple AHREF link (where I use images instead of text to be more stylish for the user) click. This actually help me to finish that part of the application (after 2 intensive days of bugs investigation concerning the new features of CF8). I am not saying that the problem is CF8, in a contrary, but we have to be careful when using the new tags because some combinations can be a nightmare to figure out the proper way - to not say that is it not possible to be used in combination at all for some of them.

                Please note that all datefield input are working perfectly now. I do not know what was the problem exactly but I suspected that it was concerning embedding tags into tags such as CFFORM within CFWINDOW within CFLAYOUT/CFLAYOURAREA within CFFORM. I still want to turn myself to the EXT2 library but the time, as I said before, is a big issue for me (as I miss the appropriate time to do it). Perhaps CF9 will be on a beta version soon and I will be able to figure out faster as they certainly expect to use the EXT2 in the next version.