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    Final Cut Pro convert ... wow, CS6 is impressive!

    Rob Ainscough Level 1

      Just wanted to thank the hard work of the folks at Adobe.  I recently converted over from my MacPro Final Cut Studio 7 and Final Cut Pro X to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Suite on a Windows 7 based computer.  I was a little tentative because I have a good investment of 3rd party tools and hardware for my Mac.  But fortunately I'm not missing them as much as I thought I would ... CS6 is that good. 


      The transition has been VERY easy and the performance advantage of CS6 is simply amazing.  I'm comparing similar projects on my MacPro 12 core @ 2.4 Ghz (FCPX) vs. Windows 7 - 6 core @ 4.8Ghz with CUDA (nVidia card) and rendering is about 5X faster with CS6 even with only 6 cores vs. my MacPro's 12 cores.


      Audition integration is fantastic, it was easy to drop a bad channel in a stereo track and move the good channel (in this case my left) over and then apply some echo/delay an simulated stereo.  Or even create a some music of my own for background titles and credits.


      I was also able to write and even preview directly to an external USB 3.0 3TB hard drive without any issues at all!!  This just wasn't a realistic option on my MacPro (no thunderbolt and no USB 3.0) -- huge time saver!


      I'll miss Logic Pro 9, but it wasn't integrated with FCPX anyway and I'm finding Audition to pretty much cover everything I needed in Logic Pro 9.


      Amazing suite of product ladies and gents, Bravo!!!


      P.S.  oh yeah, photoshop extended integration is great with some very nice new features especially around animation/3D/Video!!  I also had no worries about moving Cinema 4D R12 over to Windows side.