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    Problems exporting Interactive PDF




      I have searched through the forums for similar problems but haven't found anything that solves or helps my issue.


      The problem is:

      When exporting a large interactive PDF with a drop down menu containing links to each page within the document InDesign hangs on the second to last page and becomes completely unresponsive. I then have to force quit Indesign.


      How the document it setup

      You click "MENU button" which triggers the visibility of "MENU BG" (the popup menu background), the "EXIT" (close window) button and "P1", "P2", "P3", etc buttons (direct links to pages within the popup box).


      When you click "EXIT" or "MENU BG" all the previously activated visible buttons turn back to their invisible state.

      When you click "P1" or another link, you are taken directly to that page AND all the buttons return to their previous invisible state.


      All of these buttons are located on the master page for the file inside two layers: Menu Top and Menu Overlay.



      All the interactive content is contained withing a few layers. If only the content layers (which sit below these interactive layers) are selected the full document exports fine.

      If just the interactive layers are exported the pdf hangs on page 48 and never finishes.

      If you export say 10 pages with both content and interactive layers, the pdf exports fine. However when you try to combine the parts of the document in Acrobat it creates the document successfully but it hangs upon saving.

      I tried it with all the buttons using destination links within the document but it doesn't work.

      I tried it with all the buttons using hyperlinks within the document but it doesn't work.


      Here is a link to download the original file.


      The file was created in InDesign CS6 on Mac OS X 10.7.4


      Surely InDesign must be able to cope with this?

      Please is anybody able to help?