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    Self-made pop-up menu


      Hey guys,

      This is the first time I've been working with fireworks, so you might have a little patience with me. I'm a hard-learner.

      Here's the deal: I'm about to design a little website and wanted to use a selfmade pop-up menu, since I don't like the designs of the menus fireworks offers.

      I've cut the page into segments, dragged each of the little cross lines in the middle of their own segment and chosed a status.

      And that's where my trouble starts. I have 3 statuses, but I can't get them to work right.

      So when the mouse is over the word "team" in the navigation bar, the word "team" changes color and size as I wanted it, and a little pop-up menu appars underneath it.  

      status 1-> status 2: works!


      But when I roll the mouse over the single names that appear in the pop-up menu of "team", I want them to change the color as well and as it is described in status 3, but it won't.

      status 2 -> status 3: doesn't work!!!


      So what's the problem? What did I miss or do wrong???



      Hope you guys can help me.

      So long

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Can you upload a copy of your PNG file somewhere. I can't really understand what you are describing. Perhaps if I could see it I could help.

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            andiwaesche Level 1

            Hi Linda,

            Fireworks Test2.png

            so this it is. I'm not really familiar with .png files, but I assume, that you can "experience" effects like mouseovers with that, right?

            So the problem is, when you roll with your mouse over team, three names appear. Now I want the background of these names to change again to a different colour, when the mouse is moved over these names. I hope you understand what I mean.

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              I can't make heads or tails of all those pages and layers and states. :-) The way I would do it is to use the buit in pop-up menus, using the image feature, but then switch the images with my own after it was exported. Just remember to give your images the same name as the original ones.


              Frankly, it would be best to export all the images from Fireworks, and then rebuild the pages in Dreamweaver.