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    Publishing on the Net


      I am writing a book about my family, using InDesign CS5. The book has many chapters (of the order of 100), and each chapter has many photographs (it is like a photo album with some text). The average size of the best quality .pdf from each chapter is about 50-80 Mb.

      I want to make available the chapters to people that live in a couple of foreign countries, and that have fairly fast Internet connections. I would like them to be able to download and print whichever chapter they want (printing is the reason for using the best quality .pdf). Most people would perhaps only want to download 3-5 chapters, others may want more.

      Because of the total size, it looks as if it would cost too much to put them on a web site (I have been quoted £30 per month to host a web page with about 150 Mb of space).

      Is there a way to do this more cheaply? I am very ignorant about publishing on the net (and about many other things, of course...).

      Many thanks

      Donald Richards 

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          First, for desktop printing, you really don't need the very best quality in the images. 200 ppi is more than enough, and 150 is probably adequate for most printers. Save  the images in RGB for color, or grayscale for blacka and white, and that will reduce file size even more.


          Then look at something like DropBox or YouSendIt. A free account may be enough space, but even a paid account will be less than the money you've been quoted for a hosted website.

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            ernesto18 Level 1

            Many thanks Peter Spier. I will try those sites, which I did not know about.