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    A really simple cross-fade image for beginners

    Suzie8484 Level 1

      Hello, I would like to put a cross-fading image into a table that is my website header. I don't need anything complicated at all, no controls etc, just want 8 images that fit my cell to continuosly crossfade after 3 seconds or so. Found many scripts/plugins/jquery etc but they all seem very complicated for beginners. I've used 'easyrotator' which is so easy to use, but it doesn't seem to have a cross fade on the free mode, just a swipe and i'm sure I can find similar for free. Maybe I'm missing something but I would have thought dreamweaver (being the helpful prog that it is) would have something to do this?


      Ideally, I would like it to be continuous regardless of the page people are on. I imagine this is above my head so if too tricky, perhaps it could just be random image fade.


      Any advice on the best thing to use here is greatly appreciated!