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    how to recreate old .indd document into a new one

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi there,




      Last year I did a catalogue of sportswear products. It contained about 550 items and each cell-item had about 3 images and 5 textframes. Now I am creating a new catalogue, which should contain about 80% of old items. The images & information according to the product will be just the same. The problem is, that it has to have a completely different look {layout & styling, etc.}.




      I would like to ask for a master-adwice: Do I have to cut & paste 10 000 times the images & textframes from old INDD file to the new one and restyle & resize & repose all afterwards or is there some sophisticated recipe how to use the computing power of my machine and simple tell the program, that all the textfields in old INDD document styled by "Header 01" should be imported to the textframes styled by "NewHeader 01" in the new INDD document? Or something with Named Ranges:


      Old-INDD > Excel > New-INDD?




      I am eager to find the way how to save a week of monkey work of Ctrl+C > V


      Thank you in advance!




      I trust in you gus & thank you for your time in advance!