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    Styles from XML tags

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      I'm importing XML into InDesign CS5.5 (Mac). The document is style intensive, so I need to automate as much as possible. I mapped styles to tags (after creating style names identical to the tag names). However, despite being able to double click a tag in the structure panel and highlight the corresponding text, all text is styled [Basic Paragraph]. I tried mapping tags to styles, and that crashed the program multiple times. Then I unmapped styles to tags and then mapped tags to styles, and that styled the entire document using the root tag.


      How do I apply the styles to the text so the text can be manipulated through the styles? Thanks for your help!

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          johnmd13 Level 1

          For those who wondered, it turns out mapping tags to styles was the right thing to do. My system was just too slow, and I was processing a giant file. Once I tried this on a smaller file, it worked perfectly. Didn't try mapping tags to styles after doing the other first, but I imagine that would work. Tags to styles is just a processor intensive task. Give it time. Enjoy that cup of coffee you're going to get while it works.