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    BufferLength Event on Live Streams

    etatarevic24 Level 1

      Hi all,


      During a live stream and even during a dynamic stream I do not have a clean way of getting the bufferLength consistently.  I have found a way around this on a dynmaic stream by just getting the bufferlength each time that I get a hit on the TimeEvent.CURRENT_TIME_CHANGE.  On a live stream I cannot do this since this event does not propogate due to the time never changing.  It seems that this bufferLength event was partially implemented.  I completed the implementation by adding a new buffer event that I called BUFFER_LENGTH_CHANGE and there I am able to get the bufferlength each time on dynamic or live stream.


      So I guess the real question is am I missing how to get the buffer length on live and dynamic streams or is there really no way to due it besides my currently even implementation?


      Thanks for the help,