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    Psdx layer


      Hi, I'm looking for a clue to solve a problem.

      Can I import, as layer, a psdx file from the one I save on Touch?

      And if I minimize the size of a layer, can it preserved the original quality, and don't get pixelized? i don't know how...

      Thank for the replies


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          Sharon Huang Level 3

          Hi there,

          You can upload your psdx file to your Creative Cloud account. Then download the file on your desktop to be opened in Photoshop CS6. For more information regarding that process, please refer to this document here:



          If you reduced the size of your file, depending on what the end result is, it will still become pixelated when you scale it up again. If you are planning to work on the file in Photoshop CS6, I would recommend keeping the original file size in Photoshop Touch