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    Styling {tag_pagecontent}?


      The website I will be referencing is:  http://marciemata01.worldsecuresystems.com


      I have made a template using Adobe Muse and inserted the {tag_pagecontent} tag.  How do I style it?  I would like to remove the white background and change the width, but I don't where this is currently controlled anywhere in my styling sheet.


      Any ideas?  Thank you!

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You change the CSS for that content on line 32 of your page:


          .info {
              background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;   // Remove this line to remove background

              border: 1px solid #BCBCBC;    

              border-radius: 9px 9px 9px 9px;

              margin: 63px auto;

              padding: 63px 52px 48px;

              width: 750px;   // Change the value on this line to change the width



          Of course if you did it in Muse and have more than one page you may have to do it in all of the pages.  Hope that helps.


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            TEades Level 1

            Thanks VERY much!  I am new to both Muse and BC, (and a hand-coder most of the time), so figuring out where all of these attributes have been placed by the software has been a bit tricky!

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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If your a hand coder, may I ask why your turning to Muse?

              Hand coding, knowing the code, likely using must have tools such as firebug, likely understanding perfomance with code, web standards etc... You probably used Dreamweaver? Other good coding platforms out there? - What was the reason you then turn to Muse?

              Muse for me is for people who do not know coding, graphic designers tyring their hand at the web and for people to start learning the web, I would not know why hand coders would take a step backwards in their development.

              Very interested to understand your thoughts on that.

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                TEades Level 1

                This is actually the first time I am using it, as well as BC, but after this, I am going back to Dreamweaver!  The code that Muse outputs is just too atrocious for me. I always hold out hope that there will be a good fully-WYSIWYG product that will also output standards-compliant code that I can actually understand after it's been published, (I started out as a coder, but then wanted to focus more on visual design), but that day has still not come. I like the idea of a WYSIWYG so I can concentrate more on design and less on HOW to make it work, but on the other hand, I'm still too much of a coder to ignore what goes on behind-the-scenes, especially when I need to plug it in to some type of CMS for the client later.


                Dreamweaver does pretty well, though, and I'm starting to play around with CS6, which holds promise.