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    REST call from PDf form returns error


      I have created a very simple process that allows a user to enter data into a PDF form and submit the form for archiving.  In the process I have used LC Output to flatten the PDF and I am using the Sharepoint connector to create and archive the document. 


      When I do this from the LC Workspace it works no problem.  I can go out the SharePoint and see that archive document and all of the data is there.  I now want to be able to host the form in another location and have the same functionality.  To do this I have change the submit button on the form so that it makes a REST call to the LC server in order to call the correct process.  To be sure that I had the right URL for the REST call I took it right out of the Adminui.


      I have tested the URL in a browser and the process kicks off no problems.  The issue is when I place the URL in a submit button and try to submit the form I get a message box back stating that there was an invalid server response and nothing happens.  I am not sure but I do not think that it is even getting to the LC server.


      I am using LC ES2 and opening the form in Acrobat 9.5.1.  As mentioned it is a very simple process as I am just trying to prove out that a LC process can be invoked using a REST call from a PDF.