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    Can't see anything when I run

    GigaEmy Level 1
      Hi all,

      I am a new Flex user. I am trying to follow the tutorial to learn the Sample RIA.
      I loaded the Sample RIA project, and tried to run it. It gave me an empty screen in the browser window.
      I tried both of IE and FireFox, and they are displaying the same.
      Does anyone have any ideas? Please help....It's so frustrating since last night...

      Firstly, I met the problem that seems some people met as well: I got the Windows No Disk error message when I tried to run the project. I spent hours and figured out that I need to unplug all of my USB drives.
      Now finally that message went away, but I still see nothing...GOD.....

      By the way, I am using Windows Vista Home Premium. And I chose to use Flex Builder 3 stand alone.

      Thanks for any help in advance.