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    AJA QT Export Setting Not Showing Up

    SDCone Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm in the process of delivering a feature to a distributor and they need the trailer exported as a 422 ProRes or something comparable. Knowing that in the past, in 5.0, I'd had very easy success exporting as an AJA Quicktime (I needed only download Windows Software 5.0), I tried to download the proper elements and I do not see a AJA Quicktime in the Export Settings.


      One thing that seems to have changed is that the downloads are no longer a one-stop shop. I had to download the Windows Drivers from a random assortment of products and a Premiere Pro 6.0 plug-in. But after I did that, I still don't see AJA Quicktime in the export options.


      Any thoughts on this dilemma, or which comparable file I may want to export as?