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    Cannot reinstall InDesign CS5


      I am on Mac OS X 10.7.2. CS5 Design Premium / Student License


      Today InDesign would not open. A window would appear that said InDesign was "incomplete or damaged." I uninstalled InDesign using the uninstaller - I thought all was well because I was able to selectively uninstall InDesign with all my other programs being uneffected.


      However, when I tried to reinstall InDesign with my code and serial number I get the message "this is not a valid entry for this product."


      I am utterly at a loss. Why am I not able to reinstall my product?

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          Just a guess here, but you may need to contact Adobe tech support. I think what happens is that you send Adobe the serial number, they look it up and see that it is already registered, so the computer thinks you are trying to install it on more computers than your license allows. Maybe if you call them and explain your situation, they can reset the number on their end, and you can register in the normal way.