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    Can't get new version of Flash Player to work.


      Both the NY Times and Slate sites (this is today, though this started with the Times two days ago and I didn't get to it until today) indicated I needed to update the player. Did so from links on both sites, the download and install shows as successful, but no good on getting anything to work and as far as the sites are concerned the new version isn't installed as I'm still being told to install it. Went to Adobe site directly to install it, that didn't work. Checked through the troubleshooting site and did all that I was told to do there, went into Tools, made sure scripting was enabled as was Java script and both were, I didn't need to change anything. After downloads closed and reopened browser (IE right before 9, OS Win 7 64-bit), no good, then re-started computer, at least twice (at this point I've lost count) and also no good. Noticed someone else's post indicating problems with YouTube videos and I have that, too. I go to some videos and for a very brief flash of time I see a red banner at the top of the video, barely there long enough for me to read, telling me something about Flash Player. This was never an issue before the download so I have no clue what's going on here.