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    Crazy Centering question

    rollsnut Level 1

      I am using CS5.5 Extended on a PC with Windows 7.


      I am experencing something I havent experienced before and am baffled as to what could be causing it.


      I am centering a layer with a smaller photo,with a larger background color layer - no biggie, done it many times with no problem...however for some reason when I center horizontally now, it is off by about 3/16th's to the right. I have set up vertical guides, sized the photo layer so both sides are on the side vertical side guides to make sure, selected both layers then do the horizontal centering....still off.


      Any ideas...it can't be that hard and I'm baffled.


      Thanks for any illumination.



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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Could you please post a screenshot with the Layers Panel visible?

          What kind of Layer is the bigger one?

          Could there be stray pixels on either Layer - near invisible or beyond the Canvas (hit command-T to ascertain the bounds correspond to the ones you assume)?

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            rollsnut Level 1

            I also had another response which is not shown here suggesting I check pixel sizes and canvas sizeswhich I had done. All were the same. Sleepless night thinking about this didn't really help and problem was still there this morning...so I tried something out of the blue which seemed to work. The photo I brought into the "background" I made a smart object and iit seemed to work.