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    Liquify filter

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/photoshop/cs/using/WSfd1234e1c4b69f30ea53e41001031ab64-75faa.h tml

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          chrisjohnsskills Level 1

          For anyone looking for some visual reinforcement on how to use the Liquefy filter, the InfiniteSkills blog is featuring another Photoshop CS6 tutorial by Andy Anderson. In addition to showing a few different ways to use the Liquefy feature itself, he also highlights pucker and bloat, and also shows how to undo the effects if you accidentally go too far.



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            Ivan Design Level 1

            very good tutorial! thanks!

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              coach Level 1

              Recently upgraded to PS CS6.  Previous version had no liquify issues.  Now - no brush - and when I attempt to use the liquify filter - the whole image moves (not the portion I want to edit).  Any ideas.  Tried uninstalling and reinstalling - no good.  Tried installing both the 32bit and 64bit versions (both installed successfully) but still can't get liquify to work -- help!

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                Level 7

                Normally that happens when the brush is set to something huge and the user doesn't notice the brush size.

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                  coach Level 1

                  True - and I wish it was something that simple.  I've been all up and down the brush size slider.  No matter what size is chosen - I only see a crosshare and can't pinpoint a particular area of the photo to adjust.  The whole image just contracts - each time.


                  Noel has advised that Adobe added GPU acceleration - and that there is a key I can hold down which would force liquify to use CPU instead of GPU.  I'm going to try that, when I get home this evening.  Also not sure what (if any) impact my graphics card may have here (Nvidia GeForce 660s) but I'm determined to figure this out.


                  I've used Liquify for years - but all that while, I was running my first version of Photoshop CS (circa 2004).  Purchased a new PC (Alienware) and purchased an all new PS CS6.




                  Coach B.

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                    john worthington Adobe Employee

                    If you could post a screen shot of the Liquify dialog and it's partial cursor it may help us to figure out what's going on.

                    Including the Help - System Info would also help.

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                      coach Level 1

                      Excellent idea - I'll put a screen shot up, later tonight when I get home.




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                        coach Level 1

                        Here's a link to a post that describes the problem perfectly: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1109225?tstart=30


                        Within the post there's a screen shot.  That post also describes a combination of keys to hold (immediately after cold launching PS) but when I tried that, I still get the same result (entire photo contortion - not the area I'm targeting.




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                          coach Level 1

                          Problem solved!  Took Noel's advice (he indicated there's a key you can hold - while cold starting PS, but wasn't sure which key it was).  After some playing around - I found that if I hold the "Shift" key while starting PS, I got the dialogue box "Skip Loading 3rd Party Plugins?" to which I responded "yes".  Then - once the liquify screen showed, I manually entered the brush size (instead of using the slider) and the brush circumference was visible - and would change, as I entered various values in the "brush size" box.


                          Not sure why I have to do it this way - but after 3 days of trying to figure it out - it's a small thing to have to do, to keep moving forward.


                          Thanks for all the brain-storming -- really appreciate it!


                          Coach B.

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                            john worthington Adobe Employee

                            Do you need to press the shift key AND manually enter the brush size or is manually entering the brush size sufficient? Do you do this every time you start Liquify or did doing it once solve the problem?



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                              coach Level 1

                              Hi John.  You have to hold shift while cold-starting PS once (that's it).  Once I answered the default question, I no longer needed to hold shift each time.  Same thing with the brush size - once I entered it manually, I was able to enter either way (thereafter), manual or with the slider.  But yes - I had to do both (the shift hold and the manual brush size entry) but only one time.


                              I've tested it a few times, since - even after rebooting - so now my PS works as it should, with no issues.




                              Coach B.

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                                Zetta Level 1

                                WARNING  Liquify BUG found!


                                Liquify Filter Action Manager scripted access between versions CS6 13.0 and CS6 13.1 (and CC) has changed.  It may be faster, but from a person who develops Photoshop scripts for a living and has generated tools based on the ability to script the liquify filter to load pre-defined meshs.   Its a big problem.


                                Any Adobe people out there see this and could respond?

                                Scripting listener results when you load a previously saved mesh into the Liquify Filter in CS6 (version 13.0  x64) :

                                // =======================================================

                                var idLqFy = charIDToTypeID( "LqFy" );

                                    var desc2 = new ActionDescriptor();

                                    var idLqMe = charIDToTypeID( "LqMe" );

                                    desc2.putString( idLqMe, """X:\example\exportMeshs\testMesh_10.msh""" );

                                executeAction( idLqFy, desc2, DialogModes.NO );



                                in CS6(version 13.1.2  x64)  and CC.

                                // =======================================================

                                var idLqFy = charIDToTypeID( "LqFy" );

                                executeAction( idLqFy, undefined, DialogModes.NO );


                                *No mesh call? 


                                What happens when you run the 13.0 code in the 13.1 or 14?

                                     CS6 13.1.2 = CRASHES!! (buh bye)

                                     CC 10.0 = Ignores called mesh, and always uses last loaded mesh. = fail.


                                Very disappointing.   Any chance to get that fixed?


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                                  john worthington Adobe Employee

                                  Scripting needs to work. I will look into this ASAP. Thank you for reporting it.

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                                    connywallstrom Level 1

                                    Did you find a workaround? The bug is still there...

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                                      Zetta Level 1

                                      (sorry for the really late reply,  I just saw your post, but figured I'd still answer in case others need this work around.)

                                      I did find a work around.   Here is a cutout of the functions I'm using in my code. 

                                      I exported a series of liquify mesh's with different effects.   I use this code to call the correct mesh based on some UI input.  The mesh gets applied to the active document active layer. 


                                      Hopefully you can take this and translate it to your own needs.





                                      function runLiquify(meshFileName, value) 


                                        // for some reason the Liquify filter mesh path is VERY picky and only accepts paths done a certain way.  

                                        var mScriptFilePath = File($.fileName).parent.fsName ;

                                        // puts spaces back in.  instead of "%20"

                                        mScriptFilePath = mScriptFilePath.replace(/%20/gi, " ");

                                        // switches the slashes.

                                        mScriptFilePath = mScriptFilePath.replace(/\\/gi, "\/");

                                        var meshPath = mScriptFilePath + "/exportMeshs/" ;

                                        var mesh = ( meshPath + meshFileName + value  +".msh");

                                        // check version number and run correct filter on correct version.

                                        if (isCCversion(app.version))


                                        //alert("cc :\n" + mesh)


                                        } else {

                                        //alert("cs6 :\n" + mesh)





                                      // loads the assigned mesh and runs the liquify filter on the active layer.

                                      function CS6_liquifyActiveLayer(mesh)


                                        var idLqFy = charIDToTypeID( "LqFy" );

                                        var desc6 = new ActionDescriptor();

                                        var idLqMe = charIDToTypeID( "LqMe" );

                                        desc6.putString( idLqMe, mesh );

                                        executeAction( idLqFy, desc6, DialogModes.NO );




                                      function CC_liquifyActiveLayer(mesh)


                                        meshFile = new File(mesh)


                                        meshFile.encoding = 'BINARY';

                                        var desc4 = new ActionDescriptor();

                                        desc4.putData( charIDToTypeID( "LqMe" ),meshFile.read());


                                        executeAction( charIDToTypeID( "LqFy" ), desc4, DialogModes.NO );


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                                        it's so amazing that how this post has no reply still, after being said that it will be looked into

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                                          john worthington Adobe Employee

                                          Sorry, we are just  very  busy