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    ASIO drivers - conflict between Premiere Pro and Audition?

    claudioparoli Level 1

      I've got a problem when trying to use the same ASIO drivers in Premiere Pro and Audition CS6. I'm using an E-MU 1212 sound card system (1010m card and 0202 daughter card) on a win7 fully patched system.


      The typical scenario is editing in Premiere and sending clips to Audition. By default Audion selects (in Edit>Preferences>Audio Hardawre) the E-MU ASIO drivers and Premiere its own WDM drivers. I think (but I may be wrong here) that I'd get a better quality if Premiere used the E-MU drivers. But if I have Audition open and select ASIO in Premiere, I get no sound in Premiere as, I understand, Audition hogs the drivers.


      I've tried to set Audiution to release the ASIO driver in the background and, while this makes it available to Premiere, it also causes Audition to crash when I switch over to it.


      I had a similar problem using a different sound card in Premiere/Soundbooth CS4, although in those cases the result seemed to be BSOD's rather than just application crashes.


      Has anyone experienced similar problems?

      Any suggestions as to what to do?