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    Item Click Event problems

      Hi, I've been using an itemclick event on a datagrid that I created, and it's been great up until now. I've just added a button column to the table, and obviously the itemclick event is stopping my button from being pressed. Is there any way I can exclude this column from the itemclick event?

      Thanks :)
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          Sreenivas R Adobe Employee
          I am unable to understand the exact problem can you elaborate? (if you have not found the solution already)
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            mac_55 Level 1
            I've found a work around thanks. But I'll elaborate anyway...

            My datagrid has 4 columns... a, b, c, d. Column d has a button in each row.
            I have an itemclick event so that the my event fires when the row is clicked, but I didn't want this to happen when the button was clicked (which is inside the item that is clicked)

            What I did in the end was do a check for the column number of the event and fire a different event if it was d :)