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    Automatic hyperlink creation - properly !

    Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

      For many years/versions, InDesign still carries this bug concerning automatic hyperlink creation.

      When using the feature to let InDesign detect web links, the prefix "www." will trigger the automatic conversion to a hyperlink, e.g. "www.adobe.com". However, any proper link (URL) should officially be preceded with "http://", denoting the protocol to be used. The lack of this prefix renders these "web links" not to work properly, not in PDF, nor in ePub, or Folio's.


      Another glitch in this feature is the exclusion of any trailing slashes in web links. They are left out of the URL (no big deal), but also miss the obvious application of the desired Character style (e.g. blue, underlined, bold), making the link appear inconsistently styled.


      Now, if we would get this automatic detection and manual creation to work properly in Folio's too (the default conversion to those damned Shared Link Destinations still gets in the way – why not make that optional), I'll be a happy man. Well, partially that is, with regards to hyperlinking of course...