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    Subclips Vs Marked Duplicate Clips


      Hello all,


      First post to the forums.


      I'm a fairly new user to Premiere and I have a question regarding the best way to split up my footage into smaller, more manageable clips.  The "subclips" option seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, but I've realized that this creates clips that have hard edges.  This seems less desirable than maintianing editable/expandable edges when it comes to transitions, rolling edits, etc.


      I've found that I can create a sort of pseudo subclip by marking my in and out locations on the footage in the source panel, then drag/dropping into the project panel.  I can rename this pseudo subclip, organize it into bins, and add it to sequences just like I can a true subclip.  However, it has the added benefit of maintaining the live, editable edges. 


      I'm under the impression that these "duplicates" are still just references back to the source file (much like a subclip is) so shouldn't have any negative side effects as far as actual file duplication is concerned.  Am I missing something? 


      Anything but the simplest of projects seems like it'll need a decent amount of clip/asset organization to be succesful.  If anybody has any help or further insight on the best way to create and organize these clips I'm definitely all ears.


      Thank in advance for any help you can provide!