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    Need help setting up my sequence


      Hi, I'm new to Premiere and am making a short film.


      I'm filming with a Canon 600D, which produces a .MOV file (which I've heard are nortoriously hard to work with). The frame width is 1920 and the length is 1088. It was shot at 25fmps.


      When I attempt to create the settings of a sequence the preview clip is cropped from the original ratio, that's one problem.


      I think maybe I'm entering in other mistakes into my sequence that might reduce the quality (I don't know how this works).


      I guess I'm asking what should I pick for:

      Editing Mode

      Frame Size

      Fixed Pixel Ratio

      Preview file Format


      And any other important ones.


      Also, I've been told I should use Cineform.. (my computer can't handle previewing files) would this effect these sequence settings also?


      I'm very green, but eager for knowledge.

      If you can help me, that would take a load of stress off..