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    "The importer reported a generic error"

    Nathanjrb Level 1

      Whilst this is a useful error message, it still hasn't helped me resolve the issue.


      I currently have 5 sequences, all containing the same file type - but when I load the premiere pro file it asks me the location of two of the files, both in seperate sequences - all the other files are located just fine. I pointed the "Where's this file..." process in the right direction and on two of the files (the two missing ones)  I got the above error message. Why? How can I fix it?


      The file types are .MTS.


      I did start the project in CS5.5 and then when I got CS6 I opened it up in that, and it converted everything just fine. It's only when I've re-opened the project the next day I got this problem. Could this be the reason? But why only two of the files and not the rest?


      Thanks in advance for your responses!

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