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    API Error


      I have published a Captivate 6 project to our Plateau LMS. When I try to launch the project I get the following error:


      An error has occured: Error - unable to acquire LMS API, content may not play properly and results may not be recorded. Please contact technical support.


      When I click OK in the dialogue box, the project opens and plays successfully.


      I imagine I am not setting something in the SCORM settings correctly, yet I'm not sure what.  I am using SCORM 1.2. Any ideas?

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you upload the published project to the LMS as a complete zip archive SCORM? Or did you only upload the SWF?

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            DJK2006 Level 1

            I uploaded the the complete ZIP archive SCORM.

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              alvinsorianojr Level 1

              This has never become an issue on any of the older versions of Captivate, as far as from experience of course.


              One can always test and play LMS-compliant packages locally error-free.


              Just kinda wondering why would they include something like this on the current version, what's the clear purpose of this? And will users actually expect "technicaly support" once these debug information sent to Adobe?

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                RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                This is a result of the new RUSTICI SCORM drivers that are now in Captivate 6.  They're much better than the previous SCORM API that Adobe used in previous versions.  But they're also less forgiving about not finding the API, which is a good thing because at least your users will know right away there is an issue, instead of only finding out the course wasn't talking to the LMS at the end of a module or whatever.


                If you publish SCORMs to your LMS environment and everything is find, then nobody will see these messages.  If ANY of your users start seeing these messages, you will find it a godsend to be able to tell them to copy and paste the error information into an email so that you have an excellent chance of finding out what the issue is.


                When developing content, just switch off reporting in Quiz Settings until you are ready to publish the SCORM for your LMS.  That's what I do now with Cp6 (and even Cp 5.5 in fact). Then you won't see error messages complaining about not finding the API. Your publishing will then also be slightly quicker because there are not as many files to write to disc.

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                  SSchwa Level 1

                  Hi Rod,


                  Our team just started using Captivate 6.1 and I noticed the same issue when trying to publish locally to test the project before publishing to our LMS.


                  Can I just click OK when the message about 'unable to acquire LMS AP1....' appears? I am able to still view the project, but I'm wondering if I can trust the behavior? Or is it best to deselect the quiz reporting option in the preferences and publish this way to view the project as a test locally?



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                    RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I would advise that you just deselect quiz reporting for the main part of your development and then turn it on again once you need to start publishing versions to test on your LMS.


                    The only other way to do it is to set up your own local web server (e.g. xampp or wamp) and then always publish to the location on that server.  But personally I only use the web server with a local Moodle installation to test my output for SCORM compliance before sending to the client to test on their own LMS.

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                      SSchwa Level 1

                      Perfect... thank you for the info!