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    Acrobat cannot find Digital Signing Pad


      Good day,


      I have installed the WACOM STU-500 Digital Signing Pad onto my PC. When I open an Interctive PDF document, I want to be able to click on the Digtial Signature field and add my signature by signing on the Pad. When the Sign Document window opens, I select New ID then I select, "A device connected to this computer". After that I get an error message saying that no hardware was found.


      The Signing pad works fine when I open the document from the WACOM program but I dont want to do this, I want to open it from Adobe.


      How can I get this to work?



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          When Acrobat talks about signatures it doesn't mean a written one. Digital signatures are something quite different - the term "signature" here means "works a bit like a signature to prove that you, personally, signed it" rather than "a name written out".


          Digital signatures are a much more powerful thing, legally recognised in some countries.


          The WACOM device seems aimed at POS applications where, for example, a customer in person signs for something.

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            There are commercial programs designed ofr the play between Adobe solutions like either Acrobat or a worflow with Life Cycle which also fulfill legal requirements as important to have in mind depending on where you want to run your application.


            German Savings Banks are for example use "SignDoc for Adobe Reader".