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    Why there's a lenght difference between 24fps and 23,976 fps timelines with the same clip?


      I was working on a 23,976fps project and I've tried to import a short  animated sequence of 44 tiff frames in my timeline in my Premiere CS5.

      I've imported the sequence, interpreted the footage to 23,976fps (as it was rendered in AE) to check it before sending it to a finish house.


      First issue. Even if I set the framerate to 23,976, Premiere CS5 shows me 23,98 on interpret footage window. I've assumed it as a rounded number.


      When I drag the clip to my 23,976 sequence, the clip shows as 43(!) frames length on info panel. It misses one frame. Putting the sequence over the original video, It really misses a frame.


      I decided to make a test. And placed the same clip, interpreted the same way on a 24fps sequence, and the clip shows as 44 frames length on info panel.


      How can, the same clip, shows different amount of frames (I'm not talking about time, but simply raw frames), on different timelines? It does not make any sense! If my sequence has 44 frames, It should show as 44 frames independent of the timeline I've imported it. Am I Right?


      Just for test, I´ve imported the same sequence on AE, and in it shows as 44 frames on a 23,976 timeline. How can I trust Premiere frame interpreting this way?


      Just one more thing. The scene used as base for the AE animation, has 44 frames, and it was measured and cut from a 30s film on the same premiere that is having this weird behavior.


      Can anyone explain to me what Just have happened? It´s driving me Crazy!


      Thanks in Advance


      Mauricio Mendes