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    Lockable Headers


      How can I have fillable/editable header on first page then locked on subsequent pages?

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          gkaiseril Ninja

          You could use form fields. The fields on the first page are read write and the then a second set of fields on page 2 on and make them read only. You then use the values from the form fields on page 1 to populate the corresponding fields on page 2 on. The fields on page 2 on can all have the same name and then you will only need to reference that field name to populate all of the form fields with the same name.

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            LORNP Newcomer

            So, not in a master page, just as part of the form itself?


            I am going to give it a go.



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              gkaiseril Ninja

              For Acrobat forms. There is no master page in Acrobat forms, only in Livecycle forms.

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                LORNP Newcomer

                Thanks but didn't work as when information is entered the body of the form, it expands, therefore, not anchoring the header at the top of the page - the header now appears half way down the page and so on.


                I'm working in LiveCycle and need to place in the Master Page but with the ability to enter information on the first page of my document only and then skip / lock all subsequent pages.