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    Cannot find CS6 autorecovery file to remove, keeps opening on launch

    alleycat1981 Level 1

      I need to delete an AutoRecovery file (.psb) in CS6, it keeps opening on launch. I can't find it on my computer to save my life. I have tried saving the file in various places to see if it takes care of it and it does not. Apparently, it is supposed to be in:


      Mac HD/users/me/library/application support/Adobe/Photoshop CS6/Autorecovery


      There is not an AutoRecovery folder or .psb file anywhere to be seen in the Photoshop or Adobe library folders, and I have looked everywhere. I have a brand new imac w/ OS x. I have tried searching everywhere for the file and folder, even in places that make no sense. I have searched my entire computer, even visually looking in every folder.


      I have read a few message boards and apparently the file should be where it is supposed to be (file path above) and deleting it will solve this issue, but I cannot find it.



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