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    Problem setting Home URL

    AIR-Chayah Level 1

      I inherited a project whose output is WebHelp Pro.


      When the user clicks Home, the 404 error message appears -- File or directory not found.


      I opened the Window Properties (WebHelp Pro) dialog box to check the URL, but could not find any field to check the Home URL.

      8-14-2012 10-38-46 AM_NGPHelpWindow.png

      I looked in the Help, which says that "In WebHelp Pro, you can view settings after the project is published to the server." Does this mean that there is no way for me to specify the desired URL in the project?

      If that is the case, do I need to generate straight WebHelp instead of WebHelp Pro? I think the previous writer generated WebHelp Pro output because the company was thinking about providing server-based Help.

      I was hoping that the "Advanced window Destinations properties" applied to WebHelp Pro because it enables you to define the URL to display when clicking Home. Bit I think it only applies to HTML Help .

      Thanks for any help.








      How do I set advanced properties for a WebHelp pro window? The Home button displays an error and I can't see any place to fix it. This is RoboHelp 9.