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    drop down list output


      Hopefully I'm asking this in the right place. I don't have a background in writing java script which I think I will need to accomplish the end result.  I'm a firefighter and I'm helping my chief to develop a form to track resources that are coming in and at scene on emergency incidents. Is it possible to make a selection in a drop down list (item1), then link that to another drop down list (location1 of item1), and have that populate in a table that builds a list of everything in location1.


      This is on a PDF and all the scripting is at the client level.


      We are trying to set it up like this:


      Table 1

      Row 1, Cell 1 has a drop down list of items, (item1, item2, item3, and accepts user defined items)

      Row 1, Cell 2 has a drop down list of locations, (location1, location2, location3)


      Table 2 (read only), automatically populates the selection from Table 1, Row 1 after the location is chosen


      All Cell 1 is derived from location1, all Cell 2 is derived from location 2 etc.


      Row 1, Cell 1, (location1, item1)

      Row 2, Cell 1, (location1, item2)

      Row 3, Cell 1, (location1, item3)


      Row 1, Cell 2, (location2, item4)

      Row 2, Cell 2, (location2, item5)

      Row 3, Cell 2, (location2, item6)


      Table 2 will have a fixed maximum of 10 rows.


      Thanks for the help in advance!