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    No YouTube publishing

    Patrick ROTEN

      I'm currently evaluating Presenter 8 and running the application in "trial" mode.


      I found out that only presentations recorded in real-time (via the RECORD button on the toolbar) with an internal or USB-webcam gives me the possibility to publish the presentation to YouTube after the recording is finished. The handling is done by Video Creator.


      When preparing a presentation in PowerPoint, uploading a pre-recorded audio or video file of a speaker via the Presenter toolbar (Video --> import or Audio --> import), to sync with the slides, Presenter only gives me the possibility to publish the presentation to My Computer (or network), to Adobe Connect or to a PDF-file.


      No YouTube publishing possibility here anymore.


      Why not, Adobe ?


      There is no other possibility to sync pre-recorded audio or video of a speaker by any other means than importing the audio/video file into PowerPoint and connecting it to the relevant slide via the Presenter toolbar.  But then, no YouTube publishing.


      Also see my previous post regarding the lack of FireWire connectivity to connect an external audio/video device with a recording of a speaker, or an external camera to sync the external audio/video feed in real-time with the presentation.




      Will this be solved in the future ?



      Patrick ROTEN


      Governmental ICT Agency

      Dept Marketing & Strategy


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          VikramGaur Adobe Employee

          Hello Patrick,


          Welcome to Adobe Forums,


          Answer to this question : Youtube only accept Video formats and only Video Creator in Presenter creates MP4 format.


          Publishing from Presenter creates only .swf, .pdf & Adobe Connect (Publishing to connect)


          I will pass your request to the Product Team (Publishing to MP4 in Presenter)




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            Patrick ROTEN Level 1

            Thank you for passing the request to the Product Team.

            I hope they will include it in a next release.


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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Dag Patrick (I'm Belgian as well),

              Perhaps bit off topic, but Captivate 6 can publish directly to YouTube, has publishing to MP4. It has now a similar HD video, but no capturing webcam like Presenter.


              Here is one of the Captivate files I published to YouTube:





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                Patrick ROTEN Level 1

                Dag Lily,


                Bedankt voor je antwoord (thanks for your reply). 


                I will surely give Captivate a try.


                Looking at your video, Captivate looks a bit more complex than Presenter.

                Captivate is really suited to create eLearning modules, software simulations, branched scenarios, etc ..., no doubt about that


                For our purposes however (product presentations, small "How-To's" based on PowerPoints or simple screen actions, recording conference or training sessions (talking heads) with synchronized PowerPoints, ...) the functionalities in Presenter should be enough, given the fact that we are all familiar with PowerPoint and we don't need a long learning curve, or trained staff, to produce a sync-ed PowerPoint/Audio/Video presentation.

                Presenter is fairly straight-forward and simple to use and produces good results in a short period of time.


                If Adobe should solve the problem of connecting an external FireWire device (camera, recorder) to Presenter 8 (in fact, to Adobe Video Creator), instead of just having the possibility to connect a USB-webcam, this should make Presenter even more functional.

                Then we also could sync some of our pre-recorded videos (with talking heads) with PowerPoint slides from within PowerPoint, or record sessions in our conference room/auditorium and sync them in real-time with the slides, where a webcam is simply not enough due to its limited functionalities compared to a semi-pro cam (better framing, zoom in/out). Then the YouTube-publishing problem would be solved too, since Video Creator allows to upload to YouTube.


                (see related posts http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1046266?tstart=0 and http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1049063?tstart=0)



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                  John Mulvihill Level 1

                  Well OF COURSE PowerPoint 2010 should publish to YouTube. Its Save-and-Send menu offers every other contingency under the sun. Why not the obvious one? I'm addressing the question to Microsoft, not to Adobe.


                  But since Adobe's name has come up -- if Video Creator supports direct publishing to YouTube, so should the Presenter plugin. Not many among us are capable of delivering a real-time demo with script, using the product, and smiling on the face cam -- all in a single take. Oh sure, Video Creator's trim tool removes errors, but the result is a jarring jump cut.


                  To create movies consisting of discrete scenes, my intention was to create  10 - 15-second scenes as individual Video Creator files and import them into bespoke slides in PowerPoint. When the movie was complete, I'd upload it to YouTube.


                  I have spent the last two days going through every permutation of "save as" and "upload to" that Video Creator and PowerPoint 2010 are capable of, and none works with YouTube. The closest I can get is the slides running, but in each slide the video is static.


                  But I'm not giving up! Video Creator's dual-screen paradigm is just too good to be abandoned for lack of an adequate authoring application.


                    - PowerPoint 2010 can't show Video Creator movies on YouTube.


                    - Captivate can't show Video Creator movies, period.


                  Unless somebody can suggest a workable route with these applications, I'm going to use Video Creator as a scene-at-a-time A/V capture utility, creating 10 - 15 second  MP4 clips that correspond with my storyboard. Using a feature-rich video production application like PowerDirector, I'll insert the Video Creator clips (including audio) in the correct series, and use PowerDirector's tools and features to replace the ones I would have used in PowerPoint. The result should be silky-smooth hosted HD video demos and tutorials, able to run on desktop and mobile devices, even on YouTube!


                  Once the production template is in place (themes, branding, sounds at the beginning and end) I suspect this route will be more efficient than PowerPoint, which isn't really up to handling video, whether it's Adobe's or anybody else's.